Vacuum Surtec was founded in 1992, when we acquired our first PVD arc coating system. The company was pioneer in Italy in the use of PVD technologies for decorative and technical treatments on metal, ceramic, and glass surfaces.

The company originated as a division of a group that had produced thermo-spray coating technologies since the 1970s, and we developed our own innovative vision of surface treatments on the strength of this expertise.


Today the company has seven coating machines and a fully automated and Industry 4.0 interconnected pre-treatment system.
We can therefore guarantee:

  •   Constant quality control over the entire production process.
  •   High and consistent production capacity.
  •   An ability to meet any aesthetic requirements by fine-tuning new colours and analysing technical properties.
  •   Availability as partners in research projects based on our longstanding experience with universities and research institutes.


We intend to continue increasing our range of services for customers to cover every aspect of surface finishing applications.
As a company we are striving towards environmental, financial, and social sustainability.