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The production process

Increasingly sophisticated and technologised over the years

The production process, increasingly sophisticated and technologised over the years, is as follows:

1 Inbound control

The material to be coated is subjected to a severe inbound control (number of pieces, type of material, surface condition), with comparisons to any reference samples provided by the customer.

2 Pieces positioned on special supports:

The material is mounted on a suitable structure for automatic loading to the next lines.


Carried out with in-line automatic system. Surface preparation is essential to ensure the coating’s complete adhesion to it. The washing is multiphase and runs on a line comprising ultrasonic tanks that use eco-friendly chemical products free from additives that are harmful to the environment. The washing waters are treated with specific resins in special closed circuit tanks, to be regenerated and then reused. After washing, the products are thoroughly dried automatically in order to avoid the formation of surface stains.

4 PVD or PACVD deposits:

The coating is applied by an automatic system in which the different phases are documented.

5Quality control when exiting:

The aesthetic and technical characteristics of the product, such as adhesion, thickness, colour and surface finish are checked.

6 Packing & shipping:

The material is packed according to customer specifications. We also offer a dedicated packing service with new material provided by the customer.

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PVD is eco-friendly

PVD treatment is a highly eco-friendly process as it does not use toxic chemicals for application, has no environmental impact, is made dry, does not produce waste. The advantage of this technology is in the elimination of heavy metals such as chromium and its derivatives, in wastewater and during processing, the great savings in water, the reduction of harmful gas emissions as well as significant positive effects on the environment and health of workers.