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Technical and functional

Wear reduction

PVD surface coating has in the past found widespread application especially in the mechanical machining industry where the tools and the moulds are subject to severe wear, due to the high stresses and contact temperatures with the material to be worked. Today, 90% of the tools can meet the productivity requirements thanks to the thin coating that has been applied. The properties of PVD coatings reduce abrasive and adhesive wear, increasing the processing speed in the cutting of metals and the operational life of the mould, eliminating chemical (corrosion and hot oxidation) and thermal influences, friction and seizure.

PVD coating application areas today are innumerable. Some examples are:

  • mechanical cutting tools: hobs, drills, cutters, taps, inserts;
  • tools for cold and hot forming: moulds, punches;
  • precision engineering components: valves, pumps;
  • aluminium diecasting components;
  • components in titanium alloy for use in competition and aeronautical engines;
  • components in automatic machines with high machining rhythms;
  • moulds for hot moulding plastics.

To the well-established PVD coatings are added the well-known DLC, which adds a great reduction in friction coefficients to the extreme hardness and chemical stability, with long-term wear reduction.

Vacuum Surtec is available to develop application cycles for its customers, targeted at solving their specific component problems.

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