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Patented MetalOx coating

Photo-catalytic technology is of recent development and use, and consists of coating the surfaces with photo-sensitive substances (titanium dioxide, TiO2), capable of being "activated" to act against some microorganisms and substances with which they come in contact in the different environments. The rooms in some hospitals are already coated with ceramic "self-cleaning" tiles, acting with an "Urban photocatalysis" process, which in principle imitates natural photosynthesis.
It all starts from sunlight: this stimulates the titanium dioxide (or similar substances) exposed to the environment, triggering a catalytic demolition of airborne pollutants in direct contact with the surfaces treated with our MetalOx.

Among the substances concerned there are many harmful oxidisable compounds in the air, like the notorious NOx (nitrogen oxides), unfortunately present not just in urban but also domestic environments; these are transformed into insignificant traces of innocuous compounds.
Several studies also show a strong antibacterial activity for these surfaces, for example in respect of coliform bacteria (e.g. E. coli) typically present in urban waste waters and from livestock activities containing organic pollutants.

The deposition of titanium dioxide patented by Vacuum Surtec highlights the destruction of around 50% of gaseous pollutants in concentrations normally found in the air of a room by coating just 15% of the surface with MetalOx.
Maintenance of the MetalOx coating is simple and not onerous, requiring only occasional cleaning according to the methods that are recommended by us depending on the application.

What is described above can be applied to your components, giving them the anti-pollution characteristics mentioned above.
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