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Ceramics and glass

Special MetalCer coatings

The special Vacuum Surtec surface coatings developed by our internal laboratories and applied to ceramic and glass are the result of long and continuous commitment in the company's applied research work and are the result of a knowledgeable combination of chemical compounds with exceptional characteristics, technologically identified as "thin ceramic films" that we have called MetalCer and MetalGlass, obtained with processes and machinery that were wholly designed and built internally.

The main features of the process and coatings on a ceramic and glass base are:

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  • high hardness: for some coatings MetalCer is up to ten times superior to the finishes (painting) with precious metals. This characteristic also makes the coatings extremely suited for paving applications;
  • high adhesion;
  • outstanding chemical resistance to the aggressive effects of all household products;
  • elhigh wear resistance to cyclic loads: practical tests with normal household products (detergents, scouring powders and emulsions for cleaning, solvents), have shown a remarkable resistance to both wear and corrosion;
  • chemical stability and of almost unlimited colour;
  • non-toxicity, biocompatibility, nonallergic;
  • surface reproducibility: the standard thickness of the extremely thin coating (1 ÷ 20 microns) is such as not to alter the original look of glass or ceramic (glossy, matte, satin) and is suitable for application to any structure, also in complex relief.
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