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Strength, stability, retention

Vacuum Surtec has produced an important application study in the automotive industry, in collaboration with universities and the research centre of a well-known car manufacturer, from which a coating with exceptional corrosion resistance emerged.

A severe corrosion test was carried out in the study in which the Vacuum Surtec coating was compared with a classic TiN and DLC. The test, carried out following the standard ASTM A262-13 and NACE International Standards, resulted in the immersion of coated samples in sulfuric acid solutions at different concentrations (up to 50%) and high temperature.

The results showed that, while the competitors’ coatings succumbed to corrosive phenomena after just a few hours of immersion at 10-20% concentration of the acid, the Vacuum Surtec coating showed no damage even after 24 hours at maximum concentration.

From this study and its now well-established application, other types of coating were derived designed to solve common problems in the automotive sector.

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