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Strength, stability, retention

The PVD and DLC coatings have a very high resistance to corrosion due to their chemical structure; the best performance is achieved through the interaction between different coating layers.

Vacuum Surtec is able to offer the most suitable coating depending on how resistant to corrosion it needs to be and the components’ conditions of use; in fact, in the range of Vacuum Surtec coatings there are those that resist temperatures over 500°C.

The main features of coatings made with PVD and DLC technology together with appropriate multi-layers are:

  • unlimited resistance to solvents, muriatic acid, and decalcifiers;
  • resistance to salt spray tests, implemented to meet the reference standards;
  • the colour stability to light and to the chemistry of many environments, including the marine environment known to be harmful to many materials when exposed to it;
  • maintaining the chemical characteristics over time.
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