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Fields of application

The fields of application in which we operate through our PVD technology

The PVD/PACVD technology offered by Vacuum Surtec allows surface coatings to be created from ceramic compounds, generally having the following characteristics:

  • a high hardness - 2000 ÷ 3000 HV;
  • chemical and colour stability – fastness to UV rays (according to standard UNI 9397);
  • variation in the friction coefficient with respect to the substrate;
  • non-toxicity and biocompatibility (according to standard ISO 10993-10);
  • high reproducibility of surfaces and details;
  • maintaining the basic roughness;
  • increase in the substrate’s resistance to wear and corrosion (according to standards ISO 9227, ASTMB117 and DIN50021)
  • exceptional resistance to the aggressive characteristics of many domestic and industrial products and solvents (according to the MKF test);
  • wide range of colours can be obtained: white gold, yellow brass, steel grey, pearl grey, gunmetal, black, copper, bronze, blue, green, etc.

There is a wide variety of materials suitable for our treatments: metals (including precious or coated metal), plastics, glass and ceramics.
The set of applications that find an optimal solution in our ultra-thin coatings is also vast:

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